Friday, 9 August 2013

Blog Hop - Susie Cujes

Today it's over to Susie Cujes to give us insight into the creation of "Colours of the Outback".   This quilt is part of the Oceania Collection of quilts for the SAQA Benefit Auction, starting 9 September 2013.

Art Quilt by Susie Cujes
With this piece I wanted to draw on my experience of my childhood when I lived with my Aunty and Uncle for 6 months in Broken Hill in 1956. We often went out into the bush camping and I don't think I will ever forget the smell and the colours of the landscape. From the dry river beds to the red soil and multi coloured rocks. I will never forget how vast the sky was and what a beautiful clear blue it was.

So after my sketch
I collected all the fabrics that related to those memories,
and used my embellishing machine to not only depict those colours but also create the texture of that dry magnificent country. 
By placing all the fibres horizontally it gives a sense of the vastness that I felt as a small child. All fibres are either cotton, wool and silk, I made a backing from black commercial felt and the middle is made from rust dyed cotton.
My finished piece!

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