Friday, 29 August 2014

2014 SAQA Benefit Auction

It's nearly that time of year - the SAQA Benefit Auction for 2014 starts on 14 September. Click on the tap at the top of the page to be take straight to the relevant page on the SAQA website, or enjoy the slideshow in the right sidebar (thanks to Brenda Gael Smith for getting that going!).

Look for work form Sue Dennis and Brenda Gael Smith in Section 1 (14 - 20 September); Catherine Babbage, Helen Beaven, Mel Forrest, Helen Godden and Alison Muir in Section 2 (22 - 27 September); and Mathea Daunheimer, Dianne Firth, Julie Haddrick, Susan Mathews and Lisa Walton in Section 3 (29 September - 4 October).

 Hawaii Breeze, Sue Dennis

 Hawaii Breeze (detail), Sue Dennis