Thursday 11 July 2013

The Oceania Collection Blog Hop 2013

Welcome to our Blop Hop!

Twenty five SAQA Oceania members are lined up ready to share a "behind the scenes" glimpse into how they create.

Over six weeks you'll have the chance to visit each artist listed below and see the inspiration behind the piece they made for the Oceania Collection, quilts donated to the SAQA Benefit Auction 2013.

Feel free to visit often, and to spread the word!
16 July                  Sue Dennis            
18 July                  Caroline Sharkey   
20 July                  Lisa Walton           
22 July                  Lisa Repsevicius              SAQA Oceania blog
24 July                  Averil Stuart-Head
26 July                  Mel Forrest           
28 July                  Brenda Gael Smith
30 July                  Ruth de Vos           
1 August               Ali George             
3 August               Rasa Mauragis       
5 August               Alison Schwabe     
7 August               Maggie Gilbert       
9 August               Susie Cujes                     SAQA Oceania blog
13 August             Linda Robertus      
15 August             Linda Stokes         
17 August             Robyn McGrath               SAQA Oceania blog
19 August             Kate Oszko          
21 August             Felicity Clarke       
24 August             Susan Mathews     
27 August             Jenny Bowker       
29 August             Sally Westcott       
31 August             Stephanie Newman
2 September         Hilary Metcalf        
4 September         Buffy Beggs                    SAQA Oceania Blog 
6 September         Helen Beaven       
The Oceania Collection

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  1. Wonderful idea! Would you mind if I copy it next year in Europe? Greetings from Uta, SAQA co-rep for Europe/Middle East